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What is Campaign? Here’s How to Make and 5 Benefits!

Campaign is a term that you may often hear and see in various media such as television, magazines, radio, newspapers and social media. 

Campaign is one of the important activities that need to be carried out by a company that runs a marketing strategy. Campaigns in the business realm are related to activities to encourage sales of products or services.

In addition, the campaign role is very vital, especially for those of you who are just starting a business for the first time. 

By creating the right campaign, your business can be recognized by potential customers and give your company character compared to other companies.

Therefore, business people must know how to run an effective campaign for the company. So, what is a campaign? How do I create a campaign? The following is the discussion:

Understanding Campaign (Campaign)

Campaign is a process to make a planned action to promote a product or service through a medium.

The media itself can vary, based on the type there are online and offline media. Online media, for example, such as social media, websites, digital advertisements or streaming media. While offline media are conventional media such as radio, television, newspapers, billboards, and so on.

Marketing campaigns are carried out through an organized process starting from the planning, measurement, implementation to improvement stages for a specific purpose.

How to Create an Effective Campaign

1. Strengthen Data Research

is an important basis before running a campaign. This data relates to how the penetration of the product or brand begins.

Examples include determining the target market, competitor research, idea processing, and all other research that can help smooth a campaign that will be run.

2. Set Clear

Goals Goals are a guide in the campaign. Before deciding to run a marketing campaign, you must first create a goal. 

It aims to make the direction of the campaign clear, measurable, and organized. These goals vary, ranging from introducing brands, promoting new products, reaching new customers, increasing customer loyalty, and so on.

We recommend that the goals are very detailed and specific, so that the campaign message can be easily received by potential customers.

If you have multiple goals, we recommend creating them in different campaigns.

3. Make Planning

After the goal is clear, then the next is campaign planning. This is an activity to make a plan so that the campaign can run successfully.

Starting from forming a team, doing budget plans, setting targets, selecting stakeholders and so on.

4. Choose the Right Media

In planning, don’t forget to do an in-depth analysis of the media to be selected. This media is related to the budget and target market.

Research which media best suits your target market. Don’t forget to also consider the estimated cost.

5. Prioritize Consistency

A good campaign is a campaign that is consistently carried out on a regular basis. The more consistently the campaign runs, the more embedded a brand is in the minds of consumers.

6. Take Measurements

After the campaign has been successfully carried out, the next step is to measure how effective the campaign has been.

Did it reach the specified target? How will it impact sales? Are there any other influences on the company? All of this needs to be measured in clear numbers so that it can be evaluated at a later date.

7. Evaluate Periodically

After the results are measured, then you can then use the data that has been collected to be used as a basis for evaluation.

Fix what is still lacking and maintain what is optimal. After that, apply it to the next campaign.

Benefits of Campaigns for Businesses Campaign

activities can help businesses achieve their targets. Here are some of the benefits of the campaign. 

• Build Branding

By conducting campaigns, customer awareness of your brand will increase. The main purpose of the campaign itself is usually to increase brand awareness.

In addition to brand awareness, brand image will also be built in the minds of consumers. So that your product or business is better known by everyone. Especially the target market you want to target.

If your product is already embedded in the minds of customers, then they will not hesitate and hesitate to buy. The better a company’s branding, the higher the level of customer trust.

• Bringing in Prospective Customer

Leads or new prospective customers will increase along with the increase in branding of a product or company. 

They will start to become aware of the presence of the product, how it benefits or functions, to other advantages that you might be able to convey through a campaign.

Therefore, it is important to prepare powerful and effective campaign materials so that the message is easily accepted by the intended target market.

• Increase Sales Figures

If a campaign is successful, then this can also have an impact on sales figures. This is due to the increasing number of new potential customers who are interested in the products or services you offer.

Therefore, it is very important to prepare the product as well as possible so that prospective customers are satisfied and make repeat orders in the future.

• Affects Customer Loyalty Customers

who are satisfied after trying the products you offer will certainly make transactions in the future. With the campaign they will be more proud and aware that their choice is the best choice.

In this way, customer loyalty can increase. That’s why even big companies are at the top, they still carry out massive campaigns.

They realize that the campaign is very important in winning the competition with competitors.

• Emphasize Competitors

A study has shown that customers will start to be distracted by a new product if a brand rarely campaigns.

They will begin to be forgotten and eventually move to competitor products that are diligent in conducting regular and ongoing campaigns. 

Therefore, the campaign is very important because this activity can help companies survive and even suppress competitors.


That is an explanation of what the following campaign is with how to create it and its impact on the business. In essence, a campaign must be organized and carried out consistently.

If everything is done optimally, it can have a big impact on the business in the short and long term.

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