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Website Marketing, Why Is It Important? Can Help Business

Website Marketing you need to know in business activities. Because website marketing can help you earn money in business. Read on to understand more!

Website and business are two things that cannot be separated. Given the current era of all digital. Even many small companies can grow rapidly because their digital marketing relies on website marketing.

What is Website Marketing?

In this section we will refer to some experts in digital marketing to understand website marketing. This is important so that you are able to understand the fundamentals of website marketing.

The Importance of Having a Website

Having a website can help you finance your business. As long as you understand website marketing and are always willing to learn, website marketing is a factor that grows your business.

To be more enthusiastic and clear in the future, you must first understand what the importance of having a website is. Here are some of the interests of having a website:

1. Website Helps Reduce Costs

Costs are often the reason business people feel hesitant to take a step. Even though at that time competitors had gone further.

If you have a website then the cost is nothing to be afraid of. Due to the fact that the price of Google Ads and Facebook Ads is 3 times cheaper than TV, radio, and billboards.

Keeping costs down isn’t just cheap when it comes to advertising. It can also be at a cheaper branding cost than relying on offline branding.

2. Website Can Be More Focused

Your website can target the right people. More focused on targeting the audience than television, brochures, and billboards on the street.

Website marketing will help your business target the age, location, and lifestyle of the people who match your business.

So that people who visit your brand through the website have a high potential to fall in love with the product or service that your brand offers.

How to? It can be through conditioned SEO, it can also be through Ads that are conditioned according to the target.

3. Website Starting a Relationship

Many marketing divisions end badly because they seem noisy to customers. Although the goal is good to offer a product or service.

Websites can be an alternative when a marketing technique is deemed too noisy so that potential buyers are reluctant to glance.

Website marketing can be the best means of building relationships with buyers or potential buyers. Because website marketing aims to create a website that is comfortable and convincing to visitors.

The website can also explain how a brand really understands the buyers out there. So that customers will be loyal to your brand.

4. Websites are Easy to Customize

When you have a website, it’s easy to edit or customize what your business displays.

Starting from blog posts, digital ads, and banners on the website can be easy to revise. It’s a different story with marketing that doesn’t use a website.

If you see an opportunity but have already launched a previous banner on the website, then all you have to do is revise it according to the opportunities that exist.

5. Website Performance Can Be Measured

When you do marketing without a website, what counts? Quite a lot and sometimes invalid. It’s a different story if you use a website, it’s easy to measure website performance for the website marketing you are doing.

An example of a case when a business gets tens of thousands of visitors in a month. It can be measured easily.

Likewise when placing ads on Google Ads and Facebook Ads. There are numbers available to measure the success of your ads (without having to be expensive).

What is the Function of Website Marketing?

Earlier we discussed the importance of websites and their magic for business. Next you need to know the function of website marketing if you maximize it in business.

Here are the benefits of website marketing that can help you finance your business:

1. Deepening Customer Relationships

Website marketing makes your website a moment to put trust in your business. It can be a moment to start a deeper relationship with the customer.

When customers feel comfortable with your website, they will not hesitate to put their trust in your business. So that the relationship with the customer has the potential to last longer.

2. Reach Large Numbers of Buyers

Outdated marketing science is difficult to reach large numbers of buyers. Like on a banner that only a handful of people can see.

Even newspapers that used to be the prima donna place to market their business are now starting to be less effective.

Website marketing allows you to reach many locations in a short time with a more efficient budget.

So you don’t have to bother traveling to many places to promote your business. Over time, a business website will invite buyers to visit the products and services you sell.

3. Completing the Marketing Strategy

Web marketing makes the strategy you run complete. Because website marketing makes a more perfect business strategy.

You can use website marketing combined with social media marketing. Can also be combined with offline marketing. This makes it easy to maximize and measure marketing performance.

Types of Website Marketing Content Website

marketing can be maximized by creating content on the website. Whether it’s content on the blog or on pages outside the blog section.

To understand it, consider the following types of website content:

Product Knowledge Content

Website marketing needs to make web visitors understand what products are offered by the brand. No matter what form it takes (products, services, etc.).

Product knowledge articles can be relied on if your services or goods are often searched by people on Google.

Video product knowledge can also be relied upon when you link your YouTube videos on existing business websites.

Tutorial Content

Website marketing can attract customers when accompanied by tutorial content. Because people love to find content that teaches a way.

For example, if your product is jeans. Then your brand can bring tutorial content about wearing jeans according to existing fashion trends.

Whether it’s through the form of articles or videos that are being sought after by many people. This type of content you should try later.

Content Tips

content is one of the prima donnas in website marketing. Because it contains interesting information that makes website visitors feel at home.

For example, you have a bag product. Then your brand can issue content entitled “Tips for Caring for Bags in the Rainy Season.”

What makes tutorial content different is the purpose of the content. If the tutorial is for practice, while the content of the tips is still only a theory that can be done in a simple way.

Hard Selling Content

If your website marketing strategy has been going well. There’s nothing wrong with making hard selling content.

Usually a website launches hard selling content when the brand and its products are known to many people.

We recommend that you do not create a lot of hard selling content. Because this content contains selling, selling, and selling.

Storytelling Content

Some brands put out storytelling content on their website so that buyers understand where their business is coming from.

There are also those who use this content to achieve website marketing functions. It makes customers feel close and initiates a close relationship with the brand.

The Right Website Marketing Strategy!

There are several strategies so that your business website is effectively used in the context of website marketing. So that all digital marketing strategies for brands can be helped.

When you know how to run a website marketing strategy, that’s when you are ready to grow your business significantly.

Here are some effective website marketing strategies:

1. Create a Website

Creating a website is the basis of website marketing. Because if there is no website, where do you want to run website marketing?

Please note that making a website does not need to be able to programming languages. Today there are many services that provide programming services for websites.

Another easy alternative is to create a website based on WordPress. Especially now in Indonesia, there are many companies that use WordPress as the basis for creating websites.

2. Creating a Blog

A good marketing website is usually generated from a good company blog. Why is it like that? Because with a blog, your business website can appear on Google search engines.

Don’t forget to create an SEO friendly blog. So that the blog that has been created is easy to find by your business audience.

3. Increase Traffic with SEO

When the website is created, the business will definitely get website visitors. We can call this collection of website visitors as traffic , aka the flow of visitors.

Traffic needs to be increased as time goes on and competitors develop. So that later your business can survive in a good market position.

SEO is the answer if you want to increase traffic. SEO is a separate science in digital marketing combined with website marketing.

4. Take advantage of Email Marketing

After you have a website and traffic starts to increase, try to get people to write their email in a form on the website.

The more traffic that comes in, the more likely people write on the form.

When you already have a lot of people’s email data then it’s time for you to run email marketing politely, smoothly, and enthusiastically!

5. Duet Social Media Marketing

Website marketing when combined with social media marketing will create a good brand awareness.

A duet between a website and a business social media account can launch content that is mutually sustainable.

Especially when social media is able to direct links to business sites. And vice versa when the business website is able to provide links to the brand’s social media accounts.

6. Google My Business

Website marketing is able to create very strong penetration in the local area. Because Google is already integrated with local area maps.

When a business has a Google My Business account, people can visit your website when they see a local map related to your business.

For example, when the business you run is a barbershop. So when people search for a haircut, they will most likely be directed to your website.

Ultimate Website Tips

After understanding about website marketing and the advantages of having a website, now is the time to see the ultimate tips for relying on websites.

Through Quora

you can view the Quora forum from the questions, then look for questions that you think you can answer. After answering the question on Quora, it’s time to put a link that points to your brand’s website.

Through Social Media

As previously reviewed, it turns out that Neil Patel also suggested the same thing. That is combining social media with a website.

For example, when there is a new post on the website, also announce it on the social media account of the business in question.

Through the Social Community,

Neil Patel also appealed that we must be active in the community and answer any confusion that exists in the community.

After that you can include a link to your business website as long as the answers in the forum are relevant to your business website.


In the end, a good website for business is a website that helps money so that the business continues to run and grow.

May your business always prosper and always remember that there are no instant business struggles at the start of time!

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