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Know What PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Is And How It Works

Have you ever heard the term Pay Per Click (PPC) before? Or, maybe you are familiar with the term but want to know in more detail?

In this article, Digital Tools will discuss in detail about Pay-Per-Click (PPC), especially for your advertising needs.

What is PPC?

If you plan to advertise to promote a product or service, the first thing you may think about is conventional advertising platforms such as television, radio, billboards, newspapers, brochures, and others.

You can make good use of these conventional advertising platforms. However, as technology advances, advertising using digital platforms is increasingly in demand.

One of the digital advertising techniques that you can try to apply is Pay Per Click (PPC), where the majority of people in Indonesia are already quite familiar with using the internet.

Pay -Per-Click or PPC advertising is one of the advertising techniques using digital platforms where you need to pay a fee each time your ad is visited by the target audience.

This digital advertising technique can also be known as a way of buying traffic to a website as opposed to getting it organically.

The application of digital advertising techniques is also considered more effective, efficient, and economical compared to advertising techniques through conventional platforms.

This digital advertising technique using PPC has often been used by many large companies such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Why Should You Use Pay-Per-Click?

Advertising using this PPC technique is one of the most effective ways to bring traffic to your website, regardless of how much budget you already have. However, for those of you who may still feel less familiar with advertising techniques using PPC, there is no need to worry.

The reason is, in the following explanation, Digital Tools will discuss the benefits and reasons why you should start switching to using PPC advertising techniques for your business needs. Here’s a full review of why it’s important to advertise using PPC.

• Ease of Setting the Target Audience

By using this PPC advertising technique, it will be very helpful and easier for you to set how many target audiences need to be targeted to make an ad.

You are given the freedom to set the target audience for your ad later. However, the thing you need to remember is that of course the more target audience you target, the more costs you will spend.

In addition, you can also categorize the specifications of a specific target audience. For example, men’s shoe products that are clearly intended for men.

Using this PPC advertising technique will allow you to determine your target audience based on demographics, location, and so on.

Therefore, PPC is one of the advertising techniques that can work effectively in helping you to reach the right target audience.

• Get Results Faster

There is a difference in results when you advertise using PPC techniques compared to just using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) only. Generally, promotional techniques using SEO are organic so it takes more time to get the results to be obtained.

However, if you advertise using PPC then you can get results in a relatively fast time. That is, you can get website visitors in large numbers but in a short period of time.

• Adjustable Budget

When you hear the word advertising, perhaps what comes to your mind is how expensive it is to install. However, this does not apply if you advertise using PPC. Because this PPC advertising technique allows you to set advertising costs according to the budget you have.

• Not Affected by Algorithms

Some big companies like Google always update their algorithms in changing the ranking system on search engines. Similarly, major social media companies like Facebook and Instagram change their algorithms based on the interests and activities of each user.

However, it is different with PPC. Advertising using these techniques does not have a significant impact than organic algorithms. Thus, the ads that you create can still be delivered properly to the target audience without having to worry about algorithm changes.

• Target Audience Can’t Distinguish PPC and Organic

Some people think that it is difficult to get results from ads placed using PPC techniques on some digital platforms such as Google, Facebook, or Instagram. This statement is true because some people often ignore the advertisements circulating on these platforms.

However, this does not mean that everyone will ignore advertising techniques using PPC. According to research conducted by Word Stream, 41 percent of people can’t tell whether the post is in the organic category or an ad that uses PPC.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry if no one clicks on your PPC ad. Some digital advertising platforms ensure that your ad will be targeted to a specific target audience so that it is most likely to get a large click.

• Gain Profits

PPC advertising techniques can offer you a higher Return Of Investment (ROI) compared to other digital marketing strategies.

Return Of Investment (ROI) itself has a meaning as a metric that serves to measure the profit or loss generated in your digital marketing activities.

How to measure the results of your business promotion activities using this ROI metric can be based on the amount of costs you have invested or paid previously. Based on the amount of money you have invested, running PPC will give you full control to manage the costs you need to spend to run ads according to your needs.

However, if you want to make a profit through PPC advertising then you need to first identify what search keywords have the potential to be profitable for your business.

How Does Pay-Per-Click Work?

After you know the meaning of PPC and the reasons why you should use PPC in advertising, now is the time you need to know how PPC works.

Using PPC advertising techniques through search engines is one form of PPC that is popular and widely used. Usually, Digital Marketers will compete with each other in bidding to get the ideal position in search engines.

This is done so that the ads that have been installed can be visited when someone is searching for products or services through relevant keywords.

How to Make Ads with Pay-Per-Click Techniques

It is a big mistake if you only assume that PPC advertising techniques are only used on the Google search engine. In fact, almost all digital platforms such as social media also provide the same advertising system on each platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

The social media platform also provides special features for business owners to place advertisements through their own platform, the three social media platforms also apply the same advertising technique, namely Pay Per Click (PPC).

If you are confused about choosing to use only one digital platform or all at the same time, then the answer is to adjust to your needs.

By seeing how your advertising needs are, you can also adjust the use of digital platforms as your advertising medium according to the budget you have.


is one of the most effective and efficient digital advertising techniques that you should apply to your business, especially in this digital era.

Especially if your prospective customer is someone who is familiar with using the internet and social media.



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