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Know What is a Complete Landing Page and Examples

In this article, we will discuss in full what a landing page is and its role in your business.

We will learn from the meaning, differences, types, functions, and don’t forget some examples that will make you understand more about the use of landing pages. Keep reading until the end, ok!

What is a Landing Page?

If you often surf the internet, of course consciously or unconsciously you must have visited a landing page. But do you already know what a landing page is?

landing page is a special page created with a specific purpose to direct customers to take a certain action, such as buying, ordering, or filling out a form.

Usually customers will click on your ad or promotion in any form, after that they will be directed to visit a site. Well, the site where you land is called the landing page.

The landing page contains certain information, such as product/service details, features, advantages, digital media (e-books, videos, audio), action buttons, and so on.

This landing page will be very useful in marketing campaigns in your business, because of its crucial role in converting incoming customers into transactions.

Next, we will discuss the differences between the three types of sites that are often found on the internet, namely between landing pages, websites, and microsites.

5 Differences Landing Page, Website, and Microsite

At first glance, if you pay attention, these three types of sites are indeed the same. However, there are fundamental differences if we know them more deeply in terms of their intended use, characteristics, and shape. 

A. Landing Page

In terms of purpose, the use of this landing page is very specific. Whether it’s to promote a product/service, or get data on customers who have clicked on your promotional ad.

In addition, landing pages usually only consist of 1,pagebut there are also some that use 2 or more pages, but are still related to each other.

Indicators Landing Page
Goals Have goals specific, either to promote a product/service, or to get customer lead data
Type 1. Lead Generation Landing Page

2. Click-through Landing Page

Characteristics 1. Focus on one specific goal


2. Invite customers to take certain actions

Navigation Usually does not have navigation buttons
Pages Usually only 1 page. Even if more, each page is related to each other.

Landing Page Explanation Table

B. Website

The use of a website is much wider than a landing page or a microsite. You can use the website as a business identity, while displaying all the products/services that you offer.

Websites generally consist of many pages, with several main pages such as Home, Contact, About, etc., as well as a Blog page.

Having a website also allows your business to appear on Google search pages if it has good SEO.

Indicator Website
Goals Have a purpose general, can be used as identity, as well as other needs
Type 1. Business/Company Profile

2. Blog

3. Portfolio

4. Forum

5. Social Media

6. E-commerce

7. Web Portal

8. Crowdfunding

Characteristics 1. Focus on brand recognition and also products/services as a whole


2. Does not always invite customers to take certain actions

Navigation Has complete navigation buttons
Pages Have many pages

Website Explanation Table

C. Microsite

A little explanation, Microsite is a mini form of a website that is used for a specific purpose. This microsite contains simple information, and with far less navigation when compared to websites.

The purpose of the microsite itself is also as specific as the landing page. The difference is, this microsite is usually used to support a series of campaigns.

An example is a national online event campaign managed by a brand. In the microsite, there will be pages such as event agendas, speaker profiles, or event galleries.

Indicator Microsite
Goals Have a purpose specific to support a campaign
Type According to the campaign being run
Characteristics 1. Focus on introducing a specific event


2. Sometimes invites customers to take certain actions

Navigation Has few navigation buttons
Pages Has simple pages

Microsite Explanation Table

That’s the difference between the three types of sites which we often find on the internet. Simply put, we can illustrate the website as a house, while the landing page and microsite are separate rooms in the house.

2 Types of Landing Pages

If we look at their specific purposes and uses, landing pages can be divided into 2 types, namely:

1. Lead Generation Landing Pages

This type of landing page you can use to collect data on potential customers (Leads), and at any time can be contacted to be offered a product/service from your business.

The more customer data you collect, the higher the conversion rate will be. The reason is because those who have filled out the form on the landing page, usually already have an interest.

The hallmark of this type of landing page is usually short, interesting, and to the point. Forms will play a big role in this landing page because they are used to get customer data.

2. Click-through Landing Page

Then for click-through landing pages are usually used to interact directly with customers with the B2C marketing model.

This type of landing page aims to get customers to make purchases on the website by providing them with a series of detailed information.

The hallmark of this landing page is that it has simple buttons that direct customers to take actions, such as “Buy Now”, “Sign Up Course”, and so on.

After knowing what a landing page is, its differences, and also its types, now is the time to know what the functions & benefits of a landing page are.

Functions and Benefits of Landing Pages in Business

According to Un bounce, landing pages have a fairly important role in the marketing funnel.

Here are some of the functions and benefits of using a landing page for your business:

• Promoting Products/Services

Unlike the usual sales page on the website, on the landing page you can freely explain every product detail up to the prices.

Landing pages will be the right medium for you to introduce your product/customer service, thus triggering them to immediately make a purchase.

• Getting Potential Leads Data

Using landing pages, you can easily filter incoming audiences and categorize them into a list of potential customers who can be contacted at any time.

• Facilitate Consumers for Transactions The

landing page will also assist your customers in making the right decision to make a transaction.

The series of information contained in it will make them understand their respective needs, as well as the solutions offered by your product/service.

• Increase Conversion Rate

The more customers who make transactions on the landing page, the higher the conversion rate in your business.

However, this can happen if in terms of design, copywriting, and offers on the landing page according to the interests of your customers.

Example of a Business Landing Page

a. Indi Home – List of Services

This Indi Home landing page offers wi-fi internet packages available in several options.

The design used is also simple with 1 main image that offers the lowest package, after which customers can see for themselves the package details according to their speed.

b. Meta – Introduction to Features

Meta’s simple landing page explains their new features in simple terms.

Information that is divided into several sections will make it easier for the audience to understand each point of discussion regarding these features.

c. ADWORLD – Online Event

With the tagline, “The World’s Largest Online Advertising Event”, ADWORDS tries to attract people who are interested in online advertising around the world.

In the landing page, ADWORLD attracts the attention of its audience by displaying several company partners as a plus for the event to be held.

d. Sketch Wow – Subscription Service

The unique landing page design of Sketch Wow above is intended to introduce their digital product in the form of a web application for sketching. 

e. Sidequest – Service Offers

Similar to Sketch Wow, Sidequest also offers their digital products through a simple packaged landing page.

Uniquely, this landing page contains examples of presentation designs as well as all the advantages of using their web application.

Inspirational Websites for Landing Pages

For those of you who are interested in creating attractive and converting landing pages, here are some websites that you can use as a source of inspiration!

  1. Bootstrap
  2. Landingfolio
  3. Nicepage 
  4. Collectui
  5. Dribble
  6. Behance
  7. Webdesign Inspiration

If you want to create a website or are learning to create a landing page, you can try using Free Hosting from Jagoan Hosting. With hundreds of templates provided, you just have to choose a theme according to your needs.


That is a complete explanation of what a landing page is along with other things that are also useful for your business. If you are able to maximize it well, then of course the conversion opportunities in business will also increase.

It should be noted, if you want to use a landing page as a promotional tool for your business, you must consider several factors such as design, copywriting, customer journey, and others.



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