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How to Develop the Right Digital Marketing Strategy?

By having the right digital marketing strategy, the company’s growth can increase many times.

Digital marketing has become one of the options that is taken into account in developing companies in this era of the industrial revolution 4.0. Apart from being easy to use, digital marketing is also equipped with targeting and budget control. So companies don’t have to worry about spending too much money, but not getting relevant leads.

It’s just that considering there are so many digital marketing channels that can be used, we often encounter problems in choosing the right marketing channels and strategies. Not infrequently also happens, there are companies that choose the wrong channel and end up losing. Know that doesn’t mean digital marketing doesn’t work!

For What Reasons Should You Use a Digital Marketing Approach?

We’ve already discussed the issue of why businesses need a digital marketing strategy. One of the most important points is, internet users are growing every day. You, as a company owner, don’t want to lose that great potential, do you?

If you have an internal digital marketer, then it will be much better. Because they are already educated to develop various digital marketing strategies for company development. Well, what if you don’t have one? We will help you find the right strategy (at least for the first step) in this article.

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Determining Factors of Digital Marketing Strategy

One of the main laws in digital marketing is relevance. If you can capture relevant prospects and potential clients, then you have actually won 50% of the battle.

Therefore, most of the factors that will be mentioned here will more or less touch on the issue of relevance. Here’s the list:

Determine the Channels that Match the Business Personas and Users You’re Targeting

. As we discussed in the article Get to know the 5 Main Channel Characteristics of Digital Marketing, there are many channels that you can use in the world of digital marketing. However, not all of them are suitable for your business profile. And indeed this is what you must first determine before starting.

For example, user personas on LinkedIn are different from those on TikTok. And you have to match your business profile against one of these social media lists. Please do a small survey first before making a decision.

Remember if you choose the wrong one, then you can get no audience at all. Or you get a temporary audience, which just monitors without converting.

Create an Attractive Content Marketing Strategy, According to Your User Persona

If you are targeting young people, then create content that is appropriate for young people. And if you are targeting professionals, then also create content that is suitable for professionals.

Avoid creating content that only follows other accounts, especially just because you want to go viral. Every now and then going with the flow is certainly allowed to provoke the interest of the audience. But if you apply the strategy completely, then the results will not be good.

And don’t try to reach all audiences. Because it is clear that your business may not be needed by everyone in the world.

An easy example: it is impossible for a junior high school to try to reach an audience who is 25 years old. They no longer need junior high school education, and even though they have children they have not yet reached that level of education.

Set Goals from Your Strategy and Stay Flexible

Remember, there is only 1 goal for each strategy. Don’t mix up multiple goals at once, because that will kill your own strategy. For example, if you want to chase followers, then focus on chasing followers first. Do not get mixed up with selling business because it will make your audience confused.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can only have one goal at all times. Of course you can have several goals, but you also have to prepare some strategies to pursue these goals. And of course, the appropriate timeframe.

Focus on Building Audience

Trust Trust is an important point in digital marketing. If your audience already believes, it will be easy for you to convert into customers too later.

Arrange your steps in getting the audience’s trust first. One way that is often used by digital marketing strategists, is to build an image as an expert in the field run by the company.

Don’t Hesitate to Experiment

Sometimes the unexpected can emerge from new experiments. Therefore, don’t hesitate to experiment with new digital marketing strategies that brands of before.

out there brands who are always creative with various strategies to get as many audiences as possible. Create content forms, languages, and try new targeting to get insights that you’ve never had before.


Composing a 100% correct strategy is not easy. Even strategies that previously worked, may expire at a later date and yield nothing. Therefore, you must always be flexible and look for new insights about the world of digital marketing, so that the strategy you develop can still bring good conversions for your business.



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