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Digital Marketing Channels: Differences, Tips, Meaning, Organic

Digital marketing channels are the important things you are looking for. This article is perfect for you to read to learn paid tips and organic digital channels!

The most basic tip when dealing with digital marketing channels is to be able to see the uniqueness of each channel that will be used in digital marketing.

The uniqueness is the advantages, disadvantages, and ways of working on each digital marketing channel that you have chosen or will choose. So that the business you run can be profitable in the future.

The Meaning of Digital Marketing Channels

Before going any further, it helps us understand the meaning of digital marketing channels. So that you understand the values ​​contained in the digital marketing channel.

Etymologically, Channel means channel, which comes from English. While the context of Digital Marketing comes from English which means digital marketing.

So keep it in your mind that Digital Marketing Channels are channels that bring your product or service to buyers digitally to the real world.

Digital marketing channels are commonly used to support online marketing activities. Let’s briefly discuss the characteristics of online marketing.

The following are the characteristics of online marketing is that it requires the internet, is easily accessible from anywhere, and can be a trending topic.

Next you will be invited to discuss the approach to digital marketing channels. These topics are very important and crucial to understand when running a business.

Digital Marketing Channel Approach

Before you use channels for digital marketing activities, it’s good to understand the existing approaches. So you are not careless in using the existing channels.

The first approach is Behavioral Targeting which is concerned with the habits of potential buyers. An example is the habit of searching for information on Google.

The second approach is Demographic Targeting. According To Indeed, this digital marketing channel approach places importance on identity. Such as age, gender, race, location, education, and others.

After knowing the approach to digital marketing channels, you are required to understand the difference between organic channels and paid channels.

Organic and Paid Differences

In short, organic channels are marketing channels that are relied on through organic results. So that the moment of gathering people in a brand occurs naturally.

While a paid channel is a marketing channel that relies on certain methods on the condition that the provider pays. Examples such as ads on Google Ads.

There are three organic channels that should be relied on in business. Namely SEO, Organic Social Media, and Email Marketing.

While on the paid channel there are three that you should rely on in business. Namely SEM, Social Media Paid, and Ad Networks.

After knowing the difference between organic channels and paid channels, it’s time for us to deepen organic channels. So you understand what organic channels can count on.

3 Organic Digital Marketing Channels

As explained earlier, organic channels are divided into three channels that should be relied on. Next, here’s a table of three organic channels to use:

SEO table

TARGET: Behavioral Targeting
COST: Expensive (short term)

Cheap (long term)

Organic Social Media table

TARGET: Demographic Targeting
COST: Cheap

Email Marketing table

REACH : Medium
TARGET: Behavioral & Demographic Targeting
COST: Cheap

1. SEO

Who knows SEO? Sometimes this term sounds in our ears. However, the explanation about this digital marketing channel is sometimes still unclear.

stands Engine Search Optimization for itself. The specialty of SEO is being able to improve your website to make it more visible when people search for something on Google.

As in the table above, SEO is the only organic channel that has the highest reach. So that quite a lot of companies are interested in using SEO.

Imagine if your website was able to become a champion in the business sector that you live in. It could be that people will always look at your business from time to time.


must be done on your business because all types of businesses can use this digital marketing channel. However, it should be noted whether your product is often searched on Google?

SEO should not be done on your business if you expect instant results. Because SEO takes time to reap extraordinary results.

2. Organic Social Media

Today almost everyone uses Social Media. So this digital marketing channel is the most convenient place for online marketing. Because costs can be reduced as cheaply as possible on organic social media.

However, large companies spend a lot of money on social media because social media can target demographics well (according to the table above).

So that social media is suitable for use by businesses at the MSME level even though they are large. In terms of cost, reach, and targeting can be beneficial for MSMEs and large businesses.

Tips Organic

must if your business wants to increase awareness on a bigger stage. So that more people know your brand.

Organic Social Media is a no if your business needs a large, rapid increase in sales. Because social media platforms are suitable for making friends with buyers.

3. Email Marketing.

An old digital marketing channel is email marketing. When the buyer writes his email, there is an opportunity for the brand to contact the buyer.

Usually the emails sent by the brand are promos on products that customers like to buy, so that through that email people come back to the same brand again.

For example, when a school uses a digital marketing strategy from Digital Tools. Then contacted again at the end of the year to prepare for the new school year. Finally, the school ordered the Digital Tools service again.

Email Marketing Tips Email

Marketing should be done when your business has customer email data. And already know what things are suitable to be sent via email.

Based on Revo U there was an increase in traffic and sales by 15% to 20%.

Email Marketing should not be done when you have customer email data but in very small amounts. It will waste your time if you focus on email marketing.

After knowing the organic channel then you need to know the paid channel for the good of your own business. Because a good business can combine organic and paid channels at the right time.

3 Paid Digital Marketing Channels

As explained earlier, paid channels are divided into three channels that should be relied on. Next, here’s a table of three paid channels to use:

SEM table

TARGET: Behavioral Targeting
COST: Cheap & Expensive

Social Media Paid table

TARGET: Demographic Targeting
COST: Cheap & Expensive

Ad Networks table

TARGET: Demographic Targeting
COST: Expensive

1. SEM

SEM is similar to but different from SEO. stands for SEM Because Search Marketing Engine, it is a channel that relies on search engines like Google.

Previously, SEO gathered people organically while SEM gathered potential buyers in a paid way.

SEM provides an opportunity for companies or businesses to bid keywords. In short order ads on keywords .

As one of the digital marketing channels, SEM is quite popular with business people. Because a search on Google is very important. You can use Google Ads for this.

As Microsoft: “Search is the most crucial digital marketing channel.” Search is a crucial thing in digital marketing channels or channels.


should be done if the product or service you are selling has been frequently searched by Indonesians on Google. Such as mobile phone products, the nearest hairdressing service, and other things that are needed.

SEM should not be done if you are selling highly innovative goods or services. So that people will not search for it on Google.

2. Paid Social Media

This digital marketing channel has been trending in recent years, because more and more people are using social media.

Social Media Paid you can also call Social Media Ads. Because the way it works is to advertise on social media.

After targeting an audience based on a suitable profile, the advertising algorithm on social media will show your business to the right people.

Usually social media ads are relied on on Instagram and Facebook. This is natural because both platforms have a large number of users.

Social Media Paid Tips Social Media

Paid is a must if you want new buyers to come to your brand. Because the wide reach of advertising on social media can be an opportunity.

Social Media Paid should not be done when your business buyers find the product the first time on search engines instead of on social media.

3. Ad Networks

If you look at the table on the previous channel, Ad Networks is an expensive option. This expensive cost because it is proportional to the large impact.

The most influential digital marketing channel is Ad Networks. Because your business will be displayed in the advertisement column on the internet.

Your business can appear on news sites, lifestyle sites, and even online forum sites that provide advertising space. Later, after website visitors click on the ad, they will enter the landing page and be ready to buy your product/service.

Ad Networks Tips Ad

Networks is a must-do if your business already has a large number of buyers. For example, your buyers are one province, or even one island, then you can apply this Ad Networks.

Ad Networks should not be done if you have never tried other digital marketing channels. Because the expensive price is not suitable for use as the first digital marketing channel in a business.

How? Hope you understand organic channels and paid channels on various digital marketing channels.


In the end, a business must be able to maximize digital marketing channels. The combination of organic and paid channels is proven to be able to raise the level of business.

When you want to level up your business through a digital marketing channel, it is highly recommended to talk to Digital Tools. You will then be able to make the right decisions regarding the existing channels.

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