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Comparing Paid Promotion and Endorsement: Four Key Distinctions

Comparing Paid Promotion and Endorsement: Four Key Distinctions

The terms paid promote and endorse are certainly not foreign to hear in the scope of business. Paid promote and endorse is one of the strategies in promoting a business so that the business can be recognized.

Usually, paid promote and endorse activities are carried out on social media platforms, be it Instagram or YouTube by a celebrity who has the capacity to be known by many people. 

So, what is the difference between paid promote and endorse? For more details, see the article below.

What is Endorsement and Paid Promote?

You may be familiar with online shop business owners with a variety of marketing strategies on social media. Currently, there are lots of online shop businesses that take advantage of promotional methods by doing paid promotions or endorsements.

Did you know that these two marketing strategies are two different things?

Paid promote itself is a term commonly used when you pay for an account that already has a high number of followers and engagement for the needs of promoting your business products.

Usually, you will work with influencers and public figures to carry out this paid promote activity.

It’s different with paid promote, in endorse activities you usually don’t need to prepare content at all.

For more details, let’s look at the 4 points of difference between paid promote and endorse below!

1. Promotion and Cooperation Mechanisms

The first point that makes the difference between paid promote and endorse is the mechanism or how the promotion works.

Later, influencer or public figure will just have to post the content for a pre-agreed duration.

While the endorse mechanism, you usually send the product you want to promote to the influencer first (if it’s a physical product). In addition to the product, you must also provide a brief or direction on what the content will be like in the future.

In the brief, make sure there are clear details about the product and also the points of excellence of your product. After everything is clear, influencer or public figure later just make the content for you.

The advantage of this endorsement activity is that the material provided will be developed more broadly by influencers or public figures .

Later, they will produce content naturally and implement soft selling so that the audience feels that they are hearing a story while indirectly promoting your product.

2. Promoted Content

The difference between paid promote and endorse is about the content that will be posted by the influencer.

In endorsed content, usually the influencer or public figure also displays himself when using your product. Content like this will be more memorable in the minds and perceptions of the audience, as if the product used is highly recommended.

While in the paid content promote, the influencer does not present himself at all. They will only post content that has been prepared by the brand.

3. Costs Expenditure

The third difference is regarding the costs incurred for promotion using paid promote and endorse.

The cost to run a paid promote strategy usually tends to be lower when compared to an endorse strategy. This can be seen from the efforts made by the brand and the influencer.

Paid promotion efforts are mostly carried out by brands, for example in content creation and copywriting. Here, the task of the influencer is simply to post the finished content.

While endorsement efforts are mostly done by the influencer, the brand will only provide direction regarding the content created. Besides that, for physical products, brands must also send their products for free.

However, regarding this fee, it goes back to the influencer according to what they have compiled in the rate the card.

4. Potential for Promotional Success

The last difference is regarding the potential for success in promotional activities.

When viewed from the content displayed (in point 2), it seems that endorsed content has more potential to win the attention of the influencer .

The reason is none other than because endorsed content triggers consumers Trust (Consumer Trust) when compared to promoted content.

However, this potential for success goes back to the strategy applied to these 2 types of promotions. The strategy in question is in the form of accuracy in choosing influencers, timing, and so on.

Things to Pay Attention to in Paid Promote

Although this strategy is often used, in fact, not all of these strategies have been successful in boosting sales.

• Improve the Appearance of Social Media Accounts

What should you prepare for a business social media account?

The thing you should pay attention to is the appearance of your social media accounts. Starting from the bio, content, profile, ease of contacting, and so on. This is because in paid promote activities, influencer will display your business social media accounts and potential consumers will also look for that information.

• Know the Target Audience

You must understand who will be your target audience to determine the right marketing strategies and promotions. Likewise with the strategy to do paid promote. You must know the character of your target audience to match the influencer or public figure .

• Choosing the Right Paid Promote Account

Not all accounts that have a large number of followers are the right way to market your products.

Because it is possible that an account with a large number of followers does not provide maximum results in accordance with your business goals. Therefore, you must identify the product and target audience to determine the influencer or public figure to work with your business.

Do not let the budget that you have spent will be wasted because of an error in determining an influencer or public figure for paid promote activities.

• Choose the Right

• Use Interesting Images or Videos

You need to know that the way paid promote works is by uploading content provided by advertisers. Therefore, you must prepare the best possible social media content for your business needs. You can create ad content in the form of attractive images and videos.

Not only interesting, you also have to provide a soft copy with high resolution so that the quality of the uploaded image is also good and not broken.

Things to Pay Attention to in Doing Endorsements

In the development of increasingly advanced technology and the use of social media as it is today, endorsement activities will greatly help increase awareness and conversion of your business.

However, before implementing endorsements as your marketing strategy, there are a few things you should pay attention to. Read more in the explanation below.

• Number of Followers as Reference

Endorses are usually run by influencers or public figures as the spearhead of your business promotion activities. The category influencer or public figure itself refers to someone who is popular and has a large number of followers on social media, one of which is Instagram.

This is natural for you to pay attention to, because there are more and more followers from potential influencers or public figure you choose. Then the greater the reach of promotions and opportunities from the audience who will see your product.

You also have to pay attention to the authenticity followers of the influencer or public figure . Because there are so many fake accounts that may be scattered on social media. The fake account will not give maximum results because it is not authentic and inactive. For the record, usually these fake accounts rarely post, or even no content is shared at all. 

• Find Track Record Influencer

According to the name, influencer or public figure is a person who is trusted and can influence your audience on social media. As a popular person, you also have to find out what he is doing as an influencer or public figure.

The trick, you can do research by typing the name of an influencer or public figure in the search field to find out all the information. You can also pay attention to the comments column of the influencer or public figure .

You also have to make sure the background of the influencer or public figure should not be disliked by some segments of your audience.

• Types of Product Relevant Content

It may come to your mind that the social media accounts of influencers or public figures who have a large number of followers guarantee that they are the right candidates to promote your business.

In addition, you also have to pay attention to what type of content is usually posted by the influencer or public figure .

Does it have good quality and attractive? Is it in accordance with your business branding? Even though many influencers or public figures are experienced, you should avoid creating promotional content that is perfunctory.

Usually, there are several influencers or public figures who open up and ask for advice on what content you want as a business owner.

This usually depends on the agreement you made with them at the beginning of the collaboration for endorsement purposes.



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