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8 Ways to Create a Business Website and the Process of Making It

Business people should know how to create a website so that their business is more profitable and growing. The process of creating a website is easy and nothing to be afraid of.

You can read this article to better understand how to create a website as well as how to build it. Curious? Come on, read this to the end.

How to make a good website can make your business more sustainable in business competition. In addition, the website has several steps in its creation.

Here are 8 ways to create a website for a good business:

1. Creating a Website Design for Business

The first step is to create a design which will also help in making templates. The chosen design can be from other people and you also participate in determining it.

After that, make sure the website design you choose matches the style of your business brand. So that people who come do not feel foreign.

2. Creating a Website Template for Business

The second step is to create a template from the design that has been selected. So that when there are changes to the website, there is no need to start from scratch.

Because changes to the website must exist over time and as your business grows. So make sure the web design you create can be changed easily without the need to start over from scratch.

3. Creating Website Features for Business Website

features need to be considered when you create a website for business. The features chosen must be able to help the needs of the buyer.

For example, adding a cart feature on the website, so that buyers can buy directly on the website without the hassle of going here and there.

There is also a WhatsApp contact feature which is usually useful for buyers to contact brands. So that buyers can talk directly with the business brand.

4. Creating a Domain Name for the Web

The fourth way to create a website is to determine the domain. Domain on the website is like a life. Because the domain is considered as your website address as well as your brand.

Tips for choosing a domain name at a glance:

  • Choose a name that is easy to remember.
  • Check copyright of brand names
  • Choose words according to your business niche.

5. Create a Hosting List for Websites

Make a list of names from web hosting service providers in Indonesia. Find the right hosting for your business website.

Because web hosting is where you store business data online. So it is necessary to pay close attention to the web hosting.

Starting from the price offered, facilities, advantages, and disadvantages. All should be considered while choosing web hosting.

Hosting on a website can be divided into several types:

Shared Hosting

This type of web hosting is most familiar to people. This web hosting is easy to use and has a low price.

This type of web hosting service provides ease of management. Because it is managed by a third party.

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server which offers much better performance making it suitable for traffic audiences.

VPS is private so that the service provider cannot access it without the permission of the tenant. In addition, the tenant can call the hosting provider to request technical services if needed.

Cloud Hosting

Hosting this one is a combination of shared hosting and virtual private servers. Then later you will get convenience in the form of managing shared hosting and large storage capacity like a VPS.

6. Create a product or

service catalog A product catalog on a website can be likened to a storefront in a shop. You can peddle the products you sell. Whether it’s a physical product or a service.

Buyers really find it helpful if they can see your product in catalog form. Because they feel like shopping in a direct store.

One of the best tips from Creative Live about catalogs is to write a thorough description. Starting from the materials used to the size of the products sold. This makes the website so helpful for buyers.

7. Create Business Contact Information

When you find out how to make a website, one of the steps is to create contact information. Contact information on a business website is very useful in the sustainability of the company’s breath in a business.

From the business contact information, a sense of trust will be formed in the buyer. Because contact information shows who you are, where you are, and how real you are outside of the online world.

Make sure the contact number is written clearly. The address that can be visited is clear. Also displayed with an attractive appearance on the website.

8. Creating a Connection Link The

last way to create a website is a connection link. Your website creates many opportunities for business. It’s not just about bringing in buyers. But it also connects other stores.

For example, if you have an online store at Tokopedia and Shopee, you can link it to your website. That’s the beauty of internet marketing that can connect online stores.

Likewise, if you have a social media account for your business, now is the time to connect your website with your business’s social media. So that people on the internet always remember your business.

Website Creation Process

After seeing how and the steps in creating a website. Then you need to know the process of creating a website in outline.

Below is the process of making a website:

1. Planning

Planning, which means planning is the earliest website creation process. Because a good website is the result of careful planning.

At this stage you start to make the draft and architecture of the website. In addition, it records what things are needed to fill out the website later.

Three things to consider in planning a website:

  1. The impression that is displayed
  2. The purpose of the website Website
  3. usability
  4. Time schedule for work

2. Designing

A good design that contains clear information also impresses website visitors. It doesn’t need to be too loud or too crowded, the most important thing is to suit the audience.

So that the website has a good impression because it relates to the audience or website visitors. The desire to buy products and services is increasing.

This website design phase does set the appearance of what is impressive. Including the chosen layout must make website visitors comfortable.

A good layout is supported by properly separated categories of data. Don’t let product information data get mixed up with the company’s vision and mission.

Make sure in the process of making this website the design created makes visitors feel at home for long. But on the other hand, it should make it easier for website visitors to navigate as well.

3. Scripting

Scripting means programming on a platform. In the context of this paper is website programming.

In the process of making this website, programming serves to realize the ideas that existed at the previous stage when undergoing the website creation process, namely design.

The realized design will be scripted through a web language so that it can launch the appropriate business web.

4. Testing

The process of making this website is testing alias testing. When all the pages are properly linked and external links are maintained, the website test can be run.

Do not let the online payment form that has been prepared even experience an error because the website has not been tested when it will be launched.

This process lets us know whether your website is eligible to be active 24 hours and receive visits from potential buyers. So that the digital marketing you expect can run well.

5. Launching

The process of making this website the most awaited by business owners. Finally you as a business owner have a website for your startup business.

Don’t forget to link your website to search engines like Google. So that potential buyers of your product can more easily find you.

6. Promoting

After the website launches in the online world, don’t forget to display your website address in the right place. As in letters, brochures, business cards, and others.

So the more massive the number of people who know your business website. Then the possibility of buying the product becomes more.

7. Maintenance

is the final stage in the website creation process. Maintenance is maintenance on the website which is very important.

The website must always be in a fresh state so as to make your business more ogled by people. Also become more friendly with google search engine.

Always update the website every month with fresh and not boring content. So that it brings a large audience and inĀ 

addition, the website server is also a concern in this process. Don’t let hackers hack your website.

So the maintenance of this website should not be underestimated. Then your business is ready to grow after the website is running.

Examples of Business Websites

There are several businesses that we can use as examples in reference to how to make a business website. So that what you have prepared with the team becomes more measurable.

The two business websites above are from local shoe brands and toothpaste brands that have successfully implemented digital marketing and are supported by websites for their buyers.


the end, after knowing how to create a website, you will understand the importance of digital marketing even more. Especially if you are managing a business.

Your business may lose out when it doesn’t have a website like your competitors. So always care about the condition of digital marketing is necessary.

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