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5 Types of Delivery Optimization in Facebook Ads That You Can Use

The results obtained in digital ads always depend on the optimization method chosen. Facebook Ads has various types of optimization methods, which one have you used?

There are ads that are successful and there are ads that fail, and you must have experienced both, right? Of course there are factors that influence the success or failure of the advertising strategy used, and one of the factors is the delivery optimization method.

What is Delivery Optimization Method?

If we use a digital advertising strategy, then we will always be dealing with algorithms and machine learning. Considering how digital ads work itself: serving ads to the right audience.

Even if you are targeting as specifically as possible, there will always be a chance that not all of the audience you are targeting will do as expected. And it is delivery optimization that will answer this problem.


you own a real estate business and plan to use Facebook Ads to generate leads and sales for your business. Then before advertising, you start doing research on your target market.

Then you find that there are 2 types of target market that match the business profile: Home seekers and investors, which are then divided into segments such as parents looking for homes for their children, young couples, small property investors, and large property investors.

Now the question is, will everyone in your audience automatically be interested in contacting you?

Of course not, because Facebook can’t target audiences specifically for their type of interest. Facebook always collects a huge amount of interest data, and then displays ads when there are interests that match your targeting.

It could be that this person is indeed a property investor, but it turns out that the portion of property investment is very small. Or a young couple who plans to buy a house, but buy it in 2 years and are just doing market research. Of course you don’t want to serve ads for that type of audience, do you?

Therefore you need delivery optimization. For example, you set the optimization of ad delivery to people who want to click the WA button. Facebook will automatically analyze the entire ad audience that will interact with your ad, then choose which people have a tendency to press your WA button.

5 Types of Facebook Ads Delivery Optimization

Generally there are 5 types of delivery optimization that can be used in Facebook Ads, especially for conversions and catalog sales.

Link Clicks

If you use this optimization option, then Facebook will adjust your CPC (cost per click) bid as low as possible so that you get as many ad clicks as possible. This means that the audience reached will also be wider.

The disadvantage of this delivery optimization is that the relevance of the audience is reduced, because Facebook reaches the widest possible number of people in order to reduce the CPC value.

Landing Page Views

Almost the same as Link Clicks, but now it’s not limited to people who just want to click. But also to people who want to load your landing page. In general, this type of delivery optimization is better than Link Clicks (if you want to get traffic). Because the relevance is higher.

Conversion Events

This is the most appropriate type of optimization for campaigns aimed at selling. However, optimization with conversion events requires technical knowledge about tracking and pixels.

By using this type of optimization, Facebook will serve ads only to those who want to convert from your ad.


Value is an advanced optimization type of conversion events that is often used by e-commerce. If in optimization of conversion events, Facebook only focuses on the number of purchases, then on optimization of value Facebook focuses on its value.

Value-based optimization is perfect for campaigns designed to get the most ROAS.

Daily Unique Reach

This is a type of optimization that is often used by advertisers who want to reach as many accounts as possible. By using Daily Unique Reach, Facebook will focus on showing ads to audiences who haven’t seen your ad at all in 1 day.

It is suitable for introducing a new brand, so that more people will know that your brand exists on the internet.

Common Mistakes in Delivery Optimization

Generally ads that fail due to delivery optimization are usually caused by a misunderstanding.

The most common example is when advertisers choose to target ad landing pages to their WhatsApp numbers directly, without going through the website first.

If you directly target WhatsApp without a landing page, then the automatic delivery optimization that you can choose is Link Clicks.

Then the audience you get is an audience who has a tendency to click on the CTA link and not those who want to contact via WA. This is the reason why the link click metric shows a high number, but very few actually send chats and even the chats are not connecting.

Choose the Most Appropriate Delivery Optimization

Many successful businesses advertise on social media because the optimization is right. Combined with clear goals and a relevant audience, businesses can get as many conversions as possible with minimal results.

Now it’s your turn, do you know the optimization method that is most suitable for your business? One more thing you need to pay attention to: delivery optimization will be more effective when used in conjunction with supporting campaigns. For example, you create 1 Link Clicks campaign and follow it with retargeting.

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